Why is IBISWorld companies report a year ahead?

IBISWorld is a provider of industry market research and analysis reports. The reports they provide are often projected or forecasted for the upcoming year. There are several reasons why these reports might be a year ahead:

  1. Data Compilation and Analysis Time: It takes time to gather, compile, and analyze data from various sources. The process involves collecting information on industry trends, market conditions, and other relevant factors. This can take several months, and by the time the report is ready for publication, it might already be looking ahead to the next year.
  2. Forecasting: Many industry reports include forecasts for the upcoming year. Analysts use historical data, current trends, and various models to make predictions about the future state of an industry. Including this forecast allows businesses and investors to make informed decisions based on anticipated market conditions.
  3. Planning and Strategic Decision-Making: Companies often use these reports for strategic planning. By having information and forecasts for the upcoming year, businesses can make more informed decisions about their strategies, investments, and operations.
  4. Timeliness: In fast-paced industries, having up-to-date information is crucial. By providing reports a year ahead, IBISWorld aims to give businesses and investors timely insights into the expected trends and conditions for the next year.

It’s important to note that while these reports provide valuable insights, they are based on projections and forecasts, and actual market conditions may vary. Businesses and investors should use these reports as one of many tools to inform their decision-making processes.